07 January 2017


The Audiophysical discography to date is now available on Bandcamp, discounted rate if the whole collection is purchased together.

Digitonal Remix (Autumn Round)

A really fun remix I did of some phenomenal material from UK artist Digitonal. Find them here

Premillennial Beat Tape Vol.1

First beat tape I put together. Free DL

10 March 2014

Premillennial Beats EP Vol. 2 (Free DL)

The second installation in the series of EPs being released in the coming year. Freebie!

Divisibility Feat. Hugo Kant - Hiperbole Records - Go Jazz Not Ape!

A collaboration with Marseille multi instrumentalist Hugo Kant. Flute, Flugel horn & Clarinets all care of Mr Kant.

Premillennial Beat EP Vol. 1 (Free DL)

Old Tunes! I'll be periodically giving away some tracks floating around which lean toward lo-fi instrumentals more than anything else. Out the door.

Cat Inside The Wall & Better Off Alone - Citissime

Session work & collaboration on the Sea Tortoise Ride EP.

Hugo Kant - Audiophysical Blue Beats remix

I'm not often on the remix tip but this was a bit of fun I had with a tune from Hugo Kant.

The Op - 2005 (Free DL)

A 3 or 4 session collaboration with Ryan Prebble in the old Surgery studio, Wellington NZ. The track was produced for a small skate video filmed circa 2002.

19 January 2012

Hiperbole Records Artist Bio



AndrĂ© Lamb is a traveller in time, space and mind, fusing genres like Blues, Jazz, Funk and Folk into a flawless combination of sounds taking the listener into uncharted territories, pouring himself into these musical vibes. Originally stumbling across deep cinematic beats, re-envisioned Jazz and Trip-Hop through his audio-visual film work in 2000, Lamb decided to start making the beats he was constantly searching for and Audiophysical was founded on his premise. With a background more musically varied than your average radio dial, Lamb has digested all sound in general as an influence and moves toward designing his personal equilibrium between what’s dreamt and what’s done.The New-Zealand born talent has a rare way of crafting special introspective moments into his music by creating a deep and moody feeling through his rich instrumentations.
Audiophysical is always searching for the elements behind the scenes, the underlying complexities, and forever willing to showcase the more meditative side of life. With his beautiful arrangements and his prowess on the sequencer, as well as on various instruments, he always delivers music from the soul and mind. Now having clocked up an almost equal amount of time with instrumental, hands-on music versus internalized, production based composition, Audiophysical is preparing the palette for finer, more accomplished works.Lamb recently moved from Spain to Berlin, setting up shop and acquiring new tools and inspiration to continue working away at his music.
Audiophysical is currently producing a debut-album due for release 2012.

Shellac EP (Hiperbole - 11/08/2011)

Where It All Began

25 June 2011

Shellac EP

Audiophysical - Shellac

- Amanecer -
- Twelve Tales -
- Navigating The Obscurity -
- An Acquired Faith -
- Where The River Sleeps -

Dropping on Hiperbole Records August 12th 2011