10 March 2014

Premillennial Beats EP Vol. 2 (Free DL)

The second installation in the series of EPs being released in the coming year. Freebie!

Divisibility Feat. Hugo Kant - Hiperbole Records - Go Jazz Not Ape!

A collaboration with Marseille multi instrumentalist Hugo Kant. Flute, Flugel horn & Clarinets all care of Mr Kant.

Premillennial Beat EP Vol. 1 (Free DL)

Old Tunes! I'll be periodically giving away some tracks floating around which lean toward lo-fi instrumentals more than anything else. Out the door.

Cat Inside The Wall & Better Off Alone - Citissime

Session work & collaboration on the Sea Tortoise Ride EP.

Hugo Kant - Audiophysical Blue Beats remix

I'm not often on the remix tip but this was a bit of fun I had with a tune from Hugo Kant.

The Op - 2005 (Free DL)

A 3 or 4 session collaboration with Ryan Prebble in the old Surgery studio, Wellington NZ. The track was produced for a small skate video filmed circa 2002.